Dear Church Family,  
  Summer has begun and if you don’t believe me just step outside and feel 
the sweat run down your back. This coming month is going to be a busy 
month with many opportunities for us to serve and make a difference in 
God’s kingdom. Two things that I want to place special emphasis on is our 
first Block Party for Jesus and our VBS. The kids are out of school and    
looking for things to do. I believe God has placed us right where we are in 
one of the biggest mission fields around. The Rock the Block Party for      
Jesus will be on Saturday, June 8th at John White Park from 10 am until 2 
pm. It will be an awesome opportunity for us to reach the kids of our      
community.  Please sign up to help and participate. Wouldn’t it be neat to 
have one child come to know Jesus and you were there helping to plant the 
seeds. Our annual VBS will be at a different time this year. It will be June 
24th - 27th from 5:30-8:00 pm each night. We moved it this year because in 
the past couple of years the number of kids that were coming had dropped, 
so we wanted to see if moving it would help. There will be a sign-up sheet 
for this as well. Please sign up without having to be asked. The more people 
we have participating the easier it will be for everyone. Also please be in 
prayer for both events and anticipate huge results that will bring glory to 
God in all we do. I am blessed to be your pastor and to be a small part of 
what we do here, but I can’t do it alone. Pray about how you can participate 
and be blessed.

    God Bless, Pastor Jason